Room to collect. Space to connect.

Cork Vault is where wine lovers go to protect their collection and pursue their passion.

We offer safe, secure storage with 24/7 access, plus fellow wine enthusiasts at the ready to pack up your bottles and answer your questions. But beyond providing custom cellar space at a rational price, Cork Vault is a grassroots community where wine geeks can gather, meet, and grow their interest.

Storage + Services

Make room for what you love.

Wine Storage

Whether wine club deliveries are cluttering your countertops or a recent downsize has left you cellar-less, find everything you need to let your collection breathe.

Pickup and Delivery

When you sign up, we’ll come to your house to pack up your collection for you. Then, reach out whenever you need to restock your at-home wine cabinet, or if you have a special dinner coming up. We’d be happy to pick out a few ready-to-open wines and deliver them to your door.

Inventory Management

Keep tabs on your collection with the industry-leading Cellar Tracker app. With it, you’ll know how much your wine is worth, see when that bottle will be at its peak, and make quick work of finding what you’re looking for in your locker. 

Collection, meet connection.
When you love something, you can’t help but share it. At Cork Vault, you can connect with other members on a private Discord server, participate in monthly in-person bottle shares, and reserve the lounge free of charge for private events. Feel free to bring a bottle and a guest anytime.

There’s room for you here

Find your wine cellar away from home at one of our two North Carolina locations.


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3817 St. Mary Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28205
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Visit our Raleigh location

4429 Beryl Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27606
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