Room to collect. Space to connect.

Cork Vault is where wine lovers go to protect their collection and pursue their passion.

We offer safe, secure storage with 24/7 access, plus fellow wine enthusiasts at the ready to pack up your bottles and answer your questions. But beyond providing custom cellar space at a rational price, Cork Vault is a grassroots community where wine geeks can gather, meet, and grow their interest.

How it started

Years ago, Bill Bounds and Jamie Doyle met at a classic car show and started talking wine. Jamie had a background in finance and had created a popular car collectors’ newsletter. Bill had built the customer support team at Mailchimp and was looking for a new venture. They both saw a gap in the market for wine lovers who wanted to store and share their passion, without the stuffiness and pretension of a traditional wine club. They saw something else, too: an opportunity to step off the hamster wheel and run a fun business together that would give them more time for their family and friends. 

How it's going

Since Cork Vault opened in 2016 (Bill actually built the first wine lockers himself), our Charlotte location has continued to grow and expand. In 2023, we added a second location in Raleigh. Whether it’s classic cars or vintage wines, we love being part of the communities we serve and sharing our enthusiasm with others.

Words to live by

Love what you do.

We’re privileged to have jobs we’re passionate about. We try never to forget that—and to bring our enthusiasm to work every day.

Do the right thing.

We strive to treat everyone as we would like to be treated—for example, raising rates as little as possible, making sure employees take time off, and allowing nonprofits to use the lounge for free.

Strive for “yes.”

Our members are the heart and soul of Cork Vault; without them, we’re just an empty warehouse. That’s why we listen to how they want to be treated and do everything we can to make the experience special.